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  • Inland Coating has excellent durability
  • Inland Coating protects your roof from further corrosion and wear


  • Half the cost of a new metal roof, with adding many more benefits

Super Adhesion

  • Product offers superior chemistry providing excellent adhesion, even over tight rust

"Bringing NEW life back to your OLD roof"

Schweitzer Spray Coatings is fully insured for your protection


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  • Inland Coatings is a water proof product, keeping your roof leak free
  • Inland Coatings can help prevent hail damage

Energy Savings

  • Inland Coatings is an Energy Star partner
  • Inland Coatings will reflect the sun, minimizing cooling costs

Fire Resistant

  • Product features a class A fire rating

Synthetic Rubber Roof Coatings - Waterproof, Energy Efficient and Aesthetically Pleasing.

Schweitzer Spray Coatings is a family owned and operated business, located in West Bend WI.  Our company serves a wide variety of roof coatings to Agriculture/Farms, Commercial/Industrial and Residential Accounts.  Our product is a unique rubber compound that provides ultimate protection from uncontrollable elements.  We specialize in coating buildings, pole sheds, barns, and trailers.  If you are experiencing any leaks, rust, or just need a new paint coating, call Schweitzer Spray Coatings today at (262) 305-4249 for your rubber roof solution.


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  • Agriculture
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Residential


  • Inland Coatings can be applied in half the time, as opposed to roof replacement.


  • Inland Coating will not require the removal of objects from inside the building
  • Inland Coating will prevent any down time or loss of money, due to work being done on the roof